Water repairs around the home

Looking at the exterior of your home –let’s go over a few areas that can cost you money if ignored.

1. Check all hoses for leaks. A hidden leak can be watering plants that you don’t want watered and cost you money on the water bill also. Use a control nozzle to avoid messy spillage for watering your plants.
2. Check your sprinkler system that covers your lawn. Make sure you are watering the lawn and not the sidewalk.
3. if any water spouts are leaking, make sure to turn off the main water line outside your home. Another helpful hint: if you leave on vacation for a few days or weeks, having the main water turned off will prevent water damage due to a leak or break. Some people I know have returned from a holiday with a watery mess and a tremendous bill
4. Now lets move on to inside repair

Replace the hoses of your washer & dryer about every 4 to five years.

Check your toilets for leaks-it’s as simple as a dye test. Ignoring a small toilet leak can cost you thousands of dollars in floor repairs.

Wrap hot water pipes-saves water & your gas bill.