What are Ecosystem Services?

Ecosystem services are the methods as that the environment provides resources that we would not hesitate at all, and take for granted in everyday life. The elements which make up the ecosystem resources such as clean air, clean water, natural habitats, and cross-fertilization of domestic and agricultural crops.

Wherever we live, whether in the city center or further away in the countryside, the ecosystem in which we live as people offer goods and services that we are very accustomed. Ecosystem in its own right in the main communities of plants and animals, cooperate, and mingling with one another and with their physical environment and the environment.

Ecosystem services can be defined in different ways. It can be defined as a complex structure of plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, as well as their interaction with the inanimate environment.

The people race makes extensive use a lot of resources and difficulties that come on the natural ecosystem. Together the quality that these complex systems provide called ecosystem services.

Although experts and environmentalists discussed the ecosystem for decades, these services have been popular, and their definitions are formalized in the 2004 United Nations Millennium, which included a four-year study involving more than 1,300 scientists around the world. The term ecosystem was introduced and is defined by a gentleman by the name of Tansley (1935). He described it as a basic unit of the natural world, which includes both the organisms and their spatial environment.

Many associations and organisations are actually dedicated to conserving and preserving through research and science, our ecosystem services and other issues with regards to our environments.