The Phenomenon of Climate Change

Climate change is a real phenomenon, it happens all over the world, and we are all responsible for a small part of this life changing events on the planet. That's why it's important that we become active in the fight against climate change and mitigation and to slow down the changes so that earth and humanity has a chance to adjust to this phenomenon.

Climate change makes the world average temperature slowly creep up to a level never experienced by humans. The difference this time, it was hot, when dinosaurs were around, is that people are the main reason for this shift of climate and temperature increases much more rapidly than ever before.

The negative consequences of this trend include the acidification of the oceans, dying coral reefs, severe weather like hurricanes and strong El Nino, the desert, which are becoming more and drought.

In terms of the big problems, some of them may believe that it is too difficult to deal with global warming, but in fact it is very easy to reduce the impact on climate. Instead of saving a few sheets of toilet paper here and there, let's focus on the big win and how you can make a dramatic difference.

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