Global Environment and Warming

Global environment is the totality the natural systems of our planet. It includes ecosystems, climate, geology, regional environment and human society and artificial environments. It can also be referred to as nature or earth in a broader perspective. It can also be described only as a condition of our environment.

Global warming is the phenomenon of pathological changes in the global environment, because the continuous rise in temperature of the Earth surface air and oceans. One of the main causes of global warming, ozone depletion through the production of ozone damaging chemicals in the atmosphere, said the breakdown of O2 particle layer. This case is also known as the depletion of the ozone layer.

The greenhouse effect is also considered a major, if not the largest contributor to global warming poteplenie. Parnikovy effect of the earth, trapping heat from the sun, not allowing him to climb out of our atmosphere. Carbon monoxide and other pollutants to remain close to heat the earth's surface, just as the green house absorbs heat and prevents it from output.

Over the years, global warming has become synonymous with climate change, as experts believe that all the effects of the surface heating, climate change is the most disturbing and dangerous.