Choose Garden Planters That are Easy to Move Around

There are scores of garden planters on the market today that can be used on decks, patios and porches. With so many choices out there, how does one go about choosing which types of planters to use? The answer is simple: consider the mobility factor you need in garden planters.

Garden PlantersFor instance, you would not want to buy concrete planters if you plan on moving your flowers or plants around the yard, patio or deck. Concrete planters are very heavy which makes moving them not an option. Instead, have a look at plastic or terracotta planters or those made of lightweight wood. There are also many garden planters available that are made out of synthetic materials that are very lightweight in nature.

Do you have a nice sized garden decor store near you? If so, it would be beneficial to stop in and look at the many different types of planters they have. Some of the planters made of synthetic materials mimic concrete, stone and clay. In fact, it is hard to tell the difference unless the garden planters are examined closely. These planters do not weigh much at all and they look great if you are going for a natural garden d├ęcor look.