Outdoor Fire Safety

Summer is here and so is fire season. Here are some helpful tips on creating a defensible space around your home.

Whether you live in rural areas that are susceptible to wild land fires or you live in a populated area, you should always think about fire safety. A number of homes can be protected with careful pruning and landscaping techniques applied.

You can start around the home by removing all dead plants, trees and shrubs from your yard or acreage. Reduce excess leaves, plant parts and low-hanging branches which can all act as fuel for a fire. If possible especially out in more rural areas replace dense flammable plants with fire resistant ones.

In rural areas it is a good idea to create a defensible space perimeter by thinning trees and brush within 30 feet around your home. Space trees 30 feet apart and prune to a height of 8 to 10 feet. Place shrubs at least 20 feet from any structures and keep them pruned regularly.

In populated areas or rural areas plant the most drought tolerant vegetation within three feet of your home and adjacent structures to prevent ignition.

Landscape you property with fire resistant plants to help prevent fire from spreading so quickly. While there are no “fire-proof” plants, you can choose plants that have a high moisture content.

Some plants that resist ignition are rockrose, ice plant and aloe.